Mobileezy – QuickBooks Integration


The OTA framework and the application are developed on the N-Tier Client-Server architecture, which supports multi server deployment and load balancing.

Business Need

Our client is the owner and developer of Mobileezy applications. The client is looking at integrating Mobileezy with various accounting packages available in the market. The present need was to have a seamless to and fro mapping of accounting information between QuickBooks and Mobileezy Enterprise Solutions, which would benefit the QuickBooks users to further enrich their business needs using the Mobileezy business system.

The Client

Our client based on Australia is a leader in providing software consultancy services especially in handheld applications and solutions. They own a product range known as Mobileezy Enterprise Solutions.

The Challenge

An efficient and faster way to exchange huge amount of data in between QuickBooks and Mobileezy with the accounting entities and their fields were to be precisely matched. Creating and transforming the XML based request and response model data of the QuickBooks is yet another challenge within the integration process.

The Solution

Teknokraaft created a solution, which adapts data from the QuickBooks by using the XML Request and Response techniques and transformed them to Mobileezy data format using complex data conversion and formatting methods and presented them to the Mobileezy data services in a much refined manner.

  • Categorizing the reports according to their business relevance and type.
  • Filtering huge amount of linear and non linear data exposed by the Mobileezy business services according to the filter criteria chosen by end user.
  • Process the data based on the information to be reported and format it to display as per the styles and multilevel groupings specified by the user for better visual analysis.
  • Standard and dynamic report templates to display the reports and which can be formatted at run-time.
  • Enhancing the user response without delays while streamlining nearly one million sales records.
  • An User – interface that is easier and better understanding for a lay man, which encapsulates all the complexity of such a system to receive input from the user. These include static forms for the standard reports and their filters and a wizard based interface for getting user inputs like groups, filters etc. for dynamic report generation.
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