OTA Web Services


The OTA framework and the application are developed on the N-Tier Client-Server architecture, which supports multi server deployment and load balancing.

Business Need

Imagine a scenario where you need to integrate multiple travel suppliers with your portal. This means going through different API documentations, learning their command and response structures, error codes etc. Now you can imagine how tedious this could be. TeknoXML is the right solution for such cases.

With single TeknoXML Web Services, you can have access to different Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Non GDS Data sources. The TeknoXML Webservice is powered by the OTA platform which is based on our own GDS & Non-GDS/XML-API Travel Gateway that pulls out data from multiple suppliers/sources and brings them to a standardized form on a single screen. No need to work on different XML standards of different web services, you only need to understand TeknoXML standards.

GDS and Non GDS web services have exposed there functionalities in Internet - through Web service or API. So a customer can integrate the functionality with their own applications and databases. But for integration of multiple web services we need to work on different XML standards and different services.

Here, TeknoXML web services can be put to effective use, where the user needs to work on a single XML standard and can easily integrate the service functionalities to their application with minimal effort. It is an ideal solution for companies that do not have travel technology background and GDS XML expertise and need to build a travel web site application adapted to their needs with minimum development time.

For each verticals types there are different TeknoXML web services - Air, Hotel, Hostel, Car, Insurance, Sightseeing, Transfer, etc. Each TeknoXML web services exposes different vertical based functionalities and makes integration of TeknoXML service through an easier and flexible approach. Each Web service exposes different set of functionalities in the appropriate vertical.

The web services are based on simplified Open Travel Alliance (OTA) standard XML for the travel industry.

Currently TeknoXML provide integration of Amadeus, Galileo/Apollo, Worldspan and other non GDS counterparts like Indigo, Go Air, Paramount, Spice jet etc. Similarly in Hotels, we have GTA, Galileo Hotels, Magic rooms and Webres / Hostel World.

Our team came up with a unique GDS & Non-GDS /XML-API Travel Gateway that will allow the integration of data from GDS and non GDS gateways. The Gateway acts like a switch in such a way that you can literally turn ON/OFF each of these independent data suppliers as you wish. Another unique feature is that the results from multiple GDS can be shown on one single screen itself.

The provision for accommodating travel agencies with the Single Agency – Multi Branch as well as the Multiple Agency – Multi Branch is another striking facility of the Gateway.



Now travel related applications, like Business to Business and Business to Customer web applications can be made easily with less effort. TeknoXML provides a simplified and flexible approach to make the service integrate easily into different client applications.

  • Using simplified open XML standards with simplified XML.
  • XML is easily readable and maintainable.
  • Human understandable XML format.
  • Speedy design

With TeknoXML web services, it becomes easy to build travel based web sites with minimum effort. Customers can easily integrate all different services through a single interface.

The reason for the simplified approach is that TeknoXML Web Services are based on the simplified version of travel standards developed by the Open Travel Alliance and generic web services. By using these standards and interface, client can communicate through a single interface which in turn communicates to different Web service and bring the consolidated data. No need of screen scrapping or understanding all GDS XML standards.

TeknoXML web services are platform independent, interoperable and are accessible via standard Web protocols. Clients don’t need to know the platform, object model, or programming language used to implement the service. They only need to know the soap request and the response send over HTTP.

Development environment does not affect accessing TeknoXML service. The consumer application accessing the service can be from any platform windows, mobile, etc.

The consumer application can be created in any languages like Java, PHP etc. and any development tools with minimum effort. TeknoXML returns data from different GDS and Non GDS in XML format, which can be easily manipulated.