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Teknokraaft is an ideal development partner for us due to their specialist knowledge in the Travel Technology field. This has meant that they can use their experience to identify problems and propose solutions before they actually happen. XML is one area where they excel. We like the clear Project Management approach and regular communications strategy, but most of all we appreciate their honesty in being clear about what they can and what they cannot do. Teknokraaft will not undertake a project unless they are sure they have the programming skills to complete. I would recommend that anyone interested to work with Teknokraaft visits their facilities in Thiruvananthapuram to see their operation first hand.

We selected Teknokraaft from a team of Travel technology developers in India to develop the Lawson Online portal and I must say we made the right decision. Their support has been very prompt and to our expectation. They were willing to listen to our specific requirements and customise the platform to meet our correct needs. Teknokraaft have a very patient and dedicated team in order to manoeuvre a way around industry complexities. I would be happy to recommend them to other clients who would be looking for a reliable Travel technology company.

The team at Teknokraaft have been an outstanding partner in our development work. They have worked extremely well integrating several suppliers to our platform, developing our code base and providing excellent ideas and suggestions along the process. The execution and service of the Teknokraaft team is fast and of great quality, and we consider them as a vital partner to our business. I would highly recommend Teknokraaft.

Teknokraaft is the developer of Trinity’s B2B online portal and we are very happy with the support they gave at the time of development and also after going live. They have a good team of developers with expertise in integrating multiple XML suppliers and also working out our complex requirements.

Teknokraaft´s expertise in the travel segment really shined through when they developed our booking engine for the Brazilian market, always contributing with ideas and solutions to complex problems. They were very flexible and committed throughout the entire development process, making sure we were satisfied with the delivered product.

Teknokraaft Info Systems comprises of a professionally managed team of skilled engineers & programmers with innovative ideas. They have been associated to the Travel domain for more than 7 years and gained excellent understanding of the business. TEKNO is the developer of Muthoot Fincorp's - My Travel @ Muthoot On-Line travel portal which is rich in features and scalable. We engaged them as developers and now they are more than a partner to us. TEKNO has deep-rooted abilities in software product development, presentation & delivery. Working with them has been a pleasure. They have been attentive and accessible to all our dynamic requirements. I sincerely appreciate their cost-effectiveness, customer-oriented approach and wish them the very best.

Undersigned has given many projects to Teknokraaft over the last 10 years and is very satisfied with the quality of the work. Most of the programs can be characterized as complex and mission-critical but Teknokraaft managed to translate my specifications in stable working applications with happy end-users. Many applications are multi-lingual, have MS-office integration and produce complex files (like f.i. import files for Exact and CLIEOP files for the Bankgirocentrale). I have a lot of experience with external programmers and I am happy to say that the quality of their work can be easily compared with the quality of the large Dutch software houses. The fact that the programmers are located in India is not a problem since it is easy to communicate via Email. The time-difference can even be an advantage because several times I asked for changes and additions to programs at the end of a day and received a new version already at the start of the next day.

Indian Online Travel Industry is growing with 49% rate and OTAs account for 17.5% of total gross bookings.

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Teknokraaft is the supplier of our WD Office software. With this software, ERP for non-profit organizations, we are able to do our main business processes in an efficient way. I already worked closely together with the development team of Teknokraaft for more than 4 years. This is working fine, the team is very willing to meet our needs and is capable to create the software changes we need in a good way based upon the specifications we provide. I really recommend working together with Teknokraaft for your custom made software.

As a member of the OTA committee I had the privilege of working with Alex Augustine, the Managing Director of Teknokraaft and his wonderful team of engineers and designers. I found them exceptionally good, passionate and committed not only in design and development but also in pre-design stages of understanding the RFP, developing a proposal, addressing and meeting the requirement of our IT team, the board of Directors as well as the legal team. I wish them all the best.

My association with Mr. Alex Augustine and Teknokraaft is more than 15 years and is very solid and futuristic and it was my platform to make my techno-thoughts into reality. With a short span of years the Teknokraaft team helped me to conceptualize various projects for Galileo which includes an application to automate the Travel Ticket Void Certificate Issuance. Add-on to this more and more creative ideas transformed as products with the help of dedicated team of their developers like, PNR Check, HAJ Pro, Task Assigner etc and finally entering into the latest travel technology “Web Services” which is the synonym of the travel domain today. I found this organization to be reliable and worth for its brand value showcased.

As President of the Essential Media Group in The Netherlands I am proud to work with Teknokraaft. Since the last couple of years in our co-op Essential IT Solutions has encountered more happy customers. We have had written testimonials stating that "these Indian guys" perform on a high level. The overall quality equals to what the big Dutch software development companies produce, but it reaches a higher level on deadline, technical aspects and database handling. Essential IT Solutions truly believes she has an outstanding (external) department in Teknokraaft.

Teknokraaft makes our new computer software since the year 1999. We are working now with the software very well. In the development phase there was a good contact between Teknokraaft and us. In the time of implementation they made updates within 1 or 2 weeks. That was helpful to make the implementation. The software covered our total administration. There is a module for Publicity, Addresses, Projects, Payment handling, Childcare program, Printing and a General module. There are no problems with the integration of this modules. There is also an integration with our bookkeeping program Exact. Woord en Daad is a development organization with an income of € 29,000,000 per year and a Childcare program with a size of 35,000 sponsored children. We recommend Teknokraaft for making your software.

I had the opportunity to work with Teknokraaft and its team of developers during the design and implementation of the .travel Registry and its launch. I must say that the team gave us good service in the area of quality of work, turnaround time, work ethic and price. Overall a great team of professionals to work with.

BKH Consulting Engineers, as part of the Indo-Dutch project for institutional strengthening of the Kerala State Pollution Control Board, assigned the task of developing a comprehensive software for the management of industrial data in the Board to M/s Teknokraaft Info Systems, Thiruvananthapuram, India. This software is to be used by the Consent Administration Division of the Board in their day-to-day work for issuing consents and for controlling the quality of effluents and emissions from the industries. The software includes a powerful search engine and various options for exporting data to different formats such as a standard printout of the consent letter. We have great pleasure to state that Teknokraaft Info Systems have developed the software in a highly professional way within a very tight time schedule. We will always happily look forward to further opportunities for continued association with them.