Activate Your Sales


The OTA framework and the application are developed on the N-Tier Client-Server architecture, which supports multi server deployment and load balancing.

Business Need

A team of global sales and management professionals who are committed to increasing their sales results, wanted to design a web utility by which they could monitor and improve their daily sales activity. The plan was to sell their sales and management system formulas through internet for their customers using which they could quickly optimize sales activity and improve sales results. The TRAC record is used to reflect the success in selling products and services; managing sales teams and sales support organizations, marketing, training, and consulting to businesses worldwide.

The Client

A leading marketing & research firm in US. (Name cannot be disclosed as per the NDA)

The Challenge

The client wanted to have a secure gateway that provided worldwide access to real-time results, management reports and tools, whenever and wherever they needed them. They wanted to have a system that had a rapid start-up, provided easy access to the information and in turn improve the sales productivity today so that they could maximize the sales results tomorrow.

The Solution

Teknokraaft provided a web based client server application to improve and optimize the sales activity and increase and maximize sales results. This program is simple and easy to implement in three steps. First one is to identify the desired activity goals of the customers and record them in the online database; second step is to implement weekly TRAC meets to monitor performance results and weekly TRAC events to identify performance gaps; and in the last step TRAC coach to prepare their team to meet or exceed the expected sales revenue goals.

The application is cost effective and flexible and leads can be imported from thirty party applications like ACT®, GoldMine®, Siebel®, Microsoft Excel® , Microsoft Outlook® or other database lead management systems, and can be easily customized to meet the organization's unique needs.

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