Management tool for Official Registry of .travel STLD


The OTA framework and the application are developed on the N-Tier Client-Server architecture, which supports multi server deployment and load balancing.

Business Need

Our client is the official registry of the .travel domain. This is a TLD released by ICANN exclusively for the travel community. The purpose of .travel Registry application is to develop a management tool that will support domain name registration, provide support to partner & registrant organizations and handles marketing & finance functions too. It should be capable to support and combine the entire operations with regards to registration and renewal of the .travel domain.

The Client

The client is Tralliance Corporation based in USA. They are the official Registry for the .travel domain. This is a new sTLD supported by ICANN and meant only for authentic travel and tourism entities. There is a process of verification and approval so that only genuine registrants can hold this domain.

The Challenge

The major challenge with in this process is the flow and management of data. Three different organizations control the 3 phases in a registration and all of them hold data in different DB applications like Oracle, My SQL and SQL Server. Our application should have the capability to receive inputs, process and give back info to all these 3 types of DB applications in such a way that it works in a seamless manner. We had to collect and manage these data for the following purposes.

  • To serve as the central and internal source of data relevant to the operation of the Registry.
  • To hold the data relating to all of the partners of the Registry, including Registrars and Registrants
  • To support automated delivery of notifications to Registrants concerning annual eligibility updates, denial reviews, policy changes and registrant contract changes.
  • To support financial management including payments to and from authentication providers.
  • To support the Registrant in tracking of Authentication, denials, UIN issuance, anniversarydates and so on.
  • To support in marketing - including data concerning registrations, geographical spread, and rate of registration, registration by authentication providers and registrations by Registrar.

The Solution

Since the organizations and business entities involved in various phases of the process, uses different database applications to manage their data, we defined a set of policies and schemas to export those data. In order to import those data we built a tool which has the capability to transform data as per the requirements of the Registry database. A series of customized reports are created for better analysis. Statements with calculations and summaries are included to mange all fund flows related to different organizations. A mail engine is developed for supporting automated delivery of notification mails. This will help to notify Registrants concerning annual eligibility updates, denial reviews, policy changes and registrant contract changes.

Management tool