Mobileezy – Management Report Engine


The OTA framework and the application are developed on the N-Tier Client-Server architecture, which supports multi server deployment and load balancing.

Business Need

Mobileezy applications owned and developed by our client is an enterprise level business solution which targets small to large scale industries. The product range demands an advanced wizard based reporting facility for their clients to generate dynamic, complex and user customized reports. These reports will help them to analyze their business process and its growth in a diverse perspective. A set of standard reports will also ship with the product which can cover the common reporting requirements of a business environment. The system must be able to support advanced filtering options, which will help the end user to fine tune their information quest to specific details of their requirement.

The Client

Our client based in Australia is a leader in providing software consultancy services especially in handheld applications and solutions. They own a product range known as Mobileezy Enterprise Solutions.

The Challenge

The real time challenge was to generate such a reporting facility from a vast information base that is spread over the mobileezy business system. This includes enumeration of the entities and processes, adapt, transform, and present them towards a sophisticated engine for data processing and then use them for report generation. Achieving high performance report generation from the mobileezy business services, which encapsulates more than one million sales records and other information spread among 80 tables was yet another challenge. The basic details of the challenging tasks to realize such a complex application are:

  • Categorizing the reports according to their business relevance and type..
  • Filtering huge amount of linear and non linear data exposed by the Mobileezy business services according to the filter criteria chosen by end user.
  • Process the data based on the information to be reported and format it to display as per the styles and multilevel groupings specified by the user for better visual analysis.
  • Standard and dynamic report templates to display the reports and which can be formatted at run-time.
  • Enhancing the user response without delays while streamlining nearly one million sales records.
  • An User – interface that is easier and better understanding for a lay man, which encapsulates all the complexity of such a system to receive input from the user. These include static forms for the standard reports and their filters and a wizard based interface for getting user inputs like groups, filters etc. for dynamic report generation.

The Solution

Teknokraaft experts conducted a series of analysis on the feasibility of the subsystem and enumerated the challenges and necessary information from Mobileezy system to create a solution. The solution classifies the reports according to their type and relevance and then through static/wizard based user interfaces it allows the end user to choose different options of their choice to filter and format the reports. In the core, the solution interacts with Mobileezy business services for data and apply the user supplied filtering options/formatting, and then pass the processed data to Crystal Reports XI to display the report based on the predefined report templates

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