ERP Solution for Reprographic Industry


The OTA framework and the application are developed on the N-Tier Client-Server architecture, which supports multi server deployment and load balancing.

Business Need

Our Client is a leading reprographic dealer in UK and was looking for a solution to automate their business. The solution needed to generate quotations for clients within a short time and the quote price should be integrated with external accounting packages. Sales people can use this application to replace the tedious process of referring large number of supplier catalogues, for communicating their clients over phone.

The Client

The client is Reprographic Systems of UK and they wanted to migrate from their existing Contact management application to a full-fledged ERP that will manage their entire needs.

The Challenge

The challenge in building this application was that it should be user friendly and at the same time have all the features the sales team will need to. It should also have the ability to deal with customers over the phone without the need for endless amounts of supplier catalogues from the sales staff’s desk.

The other challenge was that the application should empower the companies within the industry to be able to take new sales staff and turn them into competent sales staff in the shortest amount of time possible.

Building a tool that will synchronize the data between the central database and the database of the Sales people residing in their laptops was another challenge.

The Solution

Teknokraaft was able to build an ERP for our client which combined a powerful contact management, quoting, and sales tool specifically designed for the printing consumables industry. The application integrates an intuitive and effective contact management system with a specially designed database of products, prices, and suppliers to enable you to create quotes and orders with maximum efficiency.

The program is a complete sales tool and has the option to integrate with other account packages to allow orders to be entered and stock levels to be observed and changed through the package. Compiling a quotation has never been easier by using the search engine to find the products that wish to quote, then adding these products to quoting basket. The link to Microsoft Word allows the quoted products to be automatically merged into templates and printed out ready for dispatch in minutes.

The application also includes a synchronisation utility to allow the user to import or export a selected subset of the application database, such as the customers, quotes, and orders for a particular salesperson. This subset of the database can then be used remotely, such as on a laptop being used away from the office. A synchronisation tool then allows you to synchronise any new information with the main database, to import or export any contact information, quotations, or orders made by the salesperson while on the road.