WD Office for Red een Kind – ERP Solution


The OTA framework and the application are developed on the N-Tier Client-Server architecture, which supports multi server deployment and load balancing.

Business Need

Red een Kind wanted to automate their organizational activities in their Head Office which covers the process of adoption of children, daily transactions of payments, managing their projects (institutions), providing budget analysis and generating various types of reports that were request by the users. They also wanted an office automation package to run in their branch offices that helps to keep track records of children and their day to day activities.

The Client

Red een Kind is a Christian charitable relief organization based in The Netherlands. It’s activities are mainly focused in Asia and Africa and supports projects related to children.

The Challenge

This client-server application had to be designed and developed in such way that it had the accuracy, performance and flexibility to serve such a large organization. The client is using some critical transactions of payments batch wise, and if any mismatch would be found in data during the transaction, then the whole transaction of that particular batch will be restored as previous. They also wanted to generate reports and some of them needed to be integrated with Microsoft office tools.

The Solution

Teknokraaft designed this application using a N-tier architecture. This application has around seven major modules that will communicate to each other by using object oriented properties and methods. A strong database structure is used with 64 tables and data manipulation is done by stored procedures. Teknokraaft provided many features to interact with MS Office files. These files are identified automatically with their own file extension. The application also interacts with external devices like scanners, printers etc and these scanned files are automatically uploaded to the server through FTP for backup data as scheduled by the user. The application provides both authentication and authorization roles.