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Challenges of travel technology on 2017 and the coming year.

Posted Date:  March 28, 2018

The travel tech ecosystem is getting bigger day by day. Recent studies show that travel firms have embraced new technologies and moved on to specifics about what sort of tech, from which supplier and on what business terms. So when it comes to enterprise tech in travel, consultants have also a role to play.

DataArt operates as travel technology consultant and software developer, observes the following global overview of the ecosystem, what is (and isn’t) on the market and the functions the ecosystem needs to serve are.

Business travelers are increasingly informed and inspired by the tools they use for leisure travel and expect an equivalent experience when travelling on business. To make things more interesting, new players are aggressively investing in developing business travel programs with sophisticated tracking and data connectivity tools.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force in May 2018, is now the elephant in the room. Data comes with enormous responsibility – and it is this that GDPR addresses.

In 2018 new technologies could bring new challenges to the global distribution system providers dominating the travel industry.  Even though there have been significant changes in the way consumers prefer to book travel, GDS providers are still dominant and playing the major role.

Data security will also be a major concern in 2018 as there are likely to be more security breaches in the travel sector.  Companies are investing large amounts of resources in discovering and analysing where their weaknesses are.

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Author: Manoj .S

Manoj works as Team Lead in Teknokraaft and looks into the Flights vertical primarily.

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