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Traditional travel agency and their tech side

Posted Date:  July 14, 2017

The importance of conventional travel agency is still relevant even though complete online services has captured the industry to a certain extent.

Even though lots of agents, shops and call centres have stopped functioning over the last 20 years, many of them have survived too. And it remains as a question mark how they survived the situation. Was it by introducing new technology or online services?

A Web call specialist Talkative has recently examined 150 traditional travel agency websites in UK.

Apparently the companies are encouraging people to go online and less than half (45%) took online bookings for products.

Almost all the companies have phone services and 55% of the companies are working only as call centres.

An interesting point is that with a success rate of 72% for getting a response, the agencies had web chat facilities for their website visitors.

As a part of marketing these agencies have their own YouTube channels which covers their products and services.

Albeit, according to Talkative there is enough room for these websites’ page loading efficiency.

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Author: Sathish Kumar .S

Sathish works as Project Manager in Teknokraaft and heads our OTA team

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