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Social Media no longer number one

Posted Date:  April 30, 2012

Eye for Travel’s report sees industry shift towards digital investment for 2012.

Social Media ranked as the top area of investment in February 2011; however, no longer. Travel marketing budgets are expected to shift towards web and online advertising from mobile and social media. According to Eye for travel’s updated Travel Social Media & Mobile Report 2011, the unheralded channel of web design is the top area of investment.

Travel Executives slowed the pace of their investment in mobile and social media marketing channels towards the end of 2011. In February 2011, 61% of travel executives expected their investment in social media to increase, this eased slightly to 57% in September 2011.

The numbers of Travel Executives expecting to increase their social media budget rose by a modest 1% to 48%, from February to September 2011. This along with website design and email marketing was the only marketing channel that had more travel executives in late 2011 increasing their budgets.

These figures are based on Eye for travel’s updated Travel, Marketing and Distribution Barometer, which were compiled in late 2011. The Barometer is a global survey of Key Industry executives.

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Author: Umesh Chakravarthy

Umesh works as QA Lead in Teknokraaft and works with our OTA team.

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