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World’s sixth biggest spenders on overseas hotels are now Indian travelers

Posted Date:  January 20, 2012

As per the recent Hotels.com survey results, Indian travelers are now the sixth largest spenders on overseas hotels ahead of travelers from countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and even Singapore. There is another interesting side to this story. Indians are one of the most value-conscious when it comes to travelling within their own country and take 12th position when it comes to spending on room nights within their own country.

On an average, Indians spent Rs. 6,722 while travelling overseas, compared to Rs. 4,136 while travelling within their country in 2010-11. Travelers from the U.S.A continue to be the biggest spenders when they travel abroad, spending Rs. 7,309 on average when travelling overseas. USA travelers are followed by those from Russia and Japan, who spent Rs. 7,302 and Rs. 7,093 respectively per night on hotels in 2010.

Singaporeans spend about 38 per cent more at home than while travelling abroad. Similarly South Africans are most savvy spenders on international trips paying 38 per cent less for hotel rooms abroad than while traveling within their country.

Author: Vishnu .V

Vishnu works as Team Lead in Teknokraaft and works with our OTA team.

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